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TV shows I watch

Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legenday Journeys, LOST, Heroes, Stargate, ROME, Dr. Who, Tourchwood, Simpsons, Scrubs, Fraiser, My Family, Outnumbered, Vicar of Dibley, Being Human, Merlin, Legend of the Seeker, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, THe 4400, Battlestar Galactica, Round the Twist, Varonica Mars, Cold Case,

Interesting facts about me

  • Knickname: Xebe


  • I've been a Xena fan a since at least 1999 (I can't acutually remember when I started lol)

  • I'm currently studying Classical and Archaeological studies.

  • Done moduals on: Mythology, Greek/Roman/Persian history, Egyptian/Agean/Archaeology, Ancient Greek Drama, Virgil's Aenied, Ancient Greek Language and much much more

  • Have been to 2 UK conventions (2002 and 2008) and 1 Lucy Lawess concert

  • Love EVERYTHING about ancient history and archaeology

  • Have a HUGE collection of stuff which highlights include:

Series of autographs and photos of Lucy and cast gathered at cons, replica Xena sword, Hudson Lieck's on set, used dressing robe, a prop Roman stunt sword, Script used for onset driver- 'King of the Assains', letter opener with mini replica sword sheath that a friend made, as well as magazines, trading/playing cards, roleplaying game, comics, DVD's Videos (Of the show and other projects actors have been on) ect,

  • I like drawing, have a selection of fan artwork, and have made several music videos

  • I've been re-introducing Xena to those at university and have some how got the reputation as 'The Xena Freak/Fan' lol


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Groovy quotes

'I like being away with the faires, they have cakes.'- Xebe

'Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman'- Ares

'Treat everyone as an idiot untill they prove you otherwise'- Lucy Lawless

'Do something scary, the payoffs awsome'- Lucy Lawless

"Those are the things, that you just have to say yes to life, and take it by the balls and go for it, and jump off that mountain."
~ Renee O'Connor

'Having a personal philosophy is like having a pet marmoset, because it may be very attractive when you acquire it, but there may be situations when it will not come in handy at all.' Lemony Snicket.

'Sometimes even in the most unfortunate of lives there will occur a moment or two of good fortune.' Lemony Snicket

'It is oftern difficult to admit that someone you love is not perfect, or to consider aspects of a person that are less admirable' Lemony Snicket

"You can't change the past but you can ruin the present worrying about the future."- Mum's fortune Cookie

"I was invited to a archaeology conference with real archaeologist. I felt a bit of a fraud and said "Sorry gentlemen to be here only beacuse I worked with the best archaeologist of all times, Indianna Jones/Harrison Ford" One archaeologist said "its alright John, in this line of work we are always working with fakes""
Story from John Rhys Davies

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